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team coaching

Our approach to team coaching is to see a team not simply as a group of individuals, but as a system in and of itself. In so doing, we unlock your team's maximum potential and create a culture of collective awareness.


We work with existing or newly-formed teams to help them be more successful: improve team dynamics, communications, and relationships, while focusing on the business goals that must be achieved. 

group coaching

Group coaching brings together a cross-section of employees to help them work on challenges that are common to the group. This might be first-time people managers, people who want to work on a particular leadership competency or an already-established employee resource group (ERG) who want coaching on the topics that bring them together.


The Workplace Initiative is able to customize a group coaching program that meets the specific needs of your organization. Or, if you are looking for something already created, look no further than our Ellevation Circle program for women in middle management.

Leadership Coaching Service
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