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My Leader Communications System develops the core foundations of effective communications for today's leader. The program begins with foundational segments that help clients understand where they are, determine where they want to be, and helps them recognize and break through any of the blocks that are in the way of their success. These units are followed by sessions themed to address the specific areas of communication that impact successful leadership. 

Executive And Leadership Coaching

Introductions, Coaching Goals & What to Expect

Let's talk about why you are here. In this session, you will

  • Commit to your own development as a leader and feel supported on your path

  • Recognize your potential to be the leader you want to be and what that looks like

  • Take 

Leadership Style Assessment

EIQ-2 Assessment & Debrief

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to perceive, access and generate emotions and has been recognized as an important predictor of success.


The EIQ-2 assessment brings awareness to the various areas of emotional intelligence, indicating relative strengths and weaknesses, and provides a framework for personal and professional improvement that we can accelerate through coaching. 

Leadership Skills Test

Taking Out the Trash

In this section, you will take time to understand what's getting in the way of your potential.

  • Discover and debunk the negative stories you have been telling yourself

  • Break free from the patterns of behavior that aren’t serving you

  • Gain insight as to where you can make positive impact in your job and career

Leadership Coaching Services

Understanding & Managing Emotions

  • Learn to express the appropriate emotions at the appropriate time

  • Become more effective at handling conflict

  • Notice greater leadership opportunities come your way as you develop a reputation for being calm under pressure

  • Get more regular constructive feedback that allows you to constantly meet or beat expectations

Leadership Development Coaching


Become more aware of your communication style and develop a way to be intentional in your interactions.

  • Create the ideal image of who you are as a communicator: your core message of how you want to present yourself

  • Stop talking and learn the most effective communication technique of the best leaders: listening.

  • Stop treating everyone the same. Instead, we will explore how to make adjustments to communication styles based on who is receiving.

Leadership Development Coaches

Influencing Others

Instead of focusing on what to say, we will explore how you can "be" in a way that inspires others.

  • Create an inspired, engaged and motivated team that makes work on even the toughest days fulfilling

  • Engage people and build consensus with a process that ensures the best chance of buy-in.

Executive Communications Training

Managing Relationships: Up, Down & Sideways

Nothing sidelines a good project like difficult relationships.

Here, we look at what is effective leadership communication and how to create high-powered support teams

  • Learn how to handle the relationships that currently cause you the greatest stress

  • Gain the trust and respect of the people you work with so that you can move forward powerfully on the projects you believe in and make a greater impact on the organization.

Leadership And Communication Training

Making Choices & Good, Quick Decisions

Learn to trust yourself and what you know.

  • Stop feeling like a deer in headlights when called out for an opinion or like you are constantly lacking all the information to make a decision

  • Get noticed for your sound judgement and ability to think on your feet

  • Raise your visibility in meetings and discussions because of your decisiveness and clear head

Team Building Workshops

Reducing Stress & Increasing Engagement

Learn what is driving engagement and its effect on you and your team's performance; move from feeling you 'have to' to you 'choose to'


  • See and receive opportunities for greater participation and involvement

  • Be energized and energize others 

  • Feel happier and more engaged at work

Leadership Coaching Companies

Putting It All Together & Moving Forward

Leadership Lessons, Take-aways and future goals

  • You will be well on your way to the next level in your career having developed key skills for leadership success

  • You will have built your own, unique success plan that enables you to continue to grow

  • You are now able to identify and deal with challenges as they arise and with the tools to work through them

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