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high performance teaming


Team coaching from The Workplace Initiative focuses on the team as a system, with its own values, rules, and ways of being. We understand that the value of the team is its capacity to do together, what no individual could do on their own, and through the work of developing team self-awareness and building team skills, we create a culture of collective awareness and unlock the team's potential.


We work with teams to help them achieve two parallel objectives:

1. Improve team dynamics; and

2. Achieve the team's business goals.

Our framework looks at teams along two dimensions: productivity and positivity, within which there are 14 competencies shown to be critical to high-performing teams.

Central to our process is The Team Diagnostic™, an assessment that measures the team against the 14 team competencies in our model. The diagnostic is deployed at the outset of our program to set a baseline for the team and then again, at the end to measure improvement.

Positivity strengths diagram
Productivity strengths diagram
WPI 5 Phase process

Graphics and text descriptions of the Team Diagnostic model and methodology ©2016 Team Coaching International used with permission.

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